TAILIEUCHUNG - Ebook CAE testbuilder - Tests that teach: Part 1

(BQ) Designed to prepare students for success in the updated 2015 Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) examination through exam-style practice questions and 'Further Practice and Guidance' sections. Packed with two audio CDs containing all the audio for the Listening sections of the exam. This is a 'With Key' edition. | w MACMILLAN TESTBUILDERS CAE Testbuilder New edition Tests that Teach Amanda French With Key COS Macmillan Education Between Towns Road Oxford 0X4 3PP A division of Macmillan Publishers Limited Companies and representatives throughout the world ISBN 978-0-230-72791-5 key ISBN 978-0-230-72792-2 - key Text Amanda French 2009 Design and illustration Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009 All rights reserved no part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system transmitted in any form or by any means electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publishers. Original design by eMC Desisgn Ltd. Page layout by Xen Illustrated by Paul Collicutt Oxford Designers and Illustrators Gary Rees Cover design by Jim Evoy The author would like to thank Liam Georgia and Joe Keane for the joy they bring and Louise Tester for her commitment and contribution to this book. The publishers would like to thank Peter Sunderland. The author and publishers are grateful for permission to reprint the following copyright material Extracts from The Girl s Guide to Writing and Wishing by Felicity Price copyright Felicity Price 2008 first published in North South Magazine 2008 reprinted by permission of the author Material from How peach turned me into a blue cow by Mark Dapin copyright Mark Dapin 2002 first published in The Observer reprinted by permission of the author Information taken from Devonport Family Medicine Leaflet used with permission Material from Pacific Islands Development Program East-West Center - Feature Fiji Woman Keeps Masi Tradition Alive by Ernest Heatley 2007 reprinted by permission of Fiji Times Limited Extracts from Not just a pretty face by Maureen Freely copyright Maureen Freely 2002 first published in The Observer reprinted by permission of the author Extracts from On the other hand. by Robert Fulford copyright Robert Fulford 2002 first published in National Post reprinted

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