TAILIEUCHUNG - Bài tập giới từ trong tiếng anh

Bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng anh, kiểm tra kiến thức về cách dùng các giời từ sao cho phù hợp. Tài liệu anh văn căn bản cho các bạn mới học anh văn. | Week 5: Bài tập 1: Điền a/an hoặc the: 1. This morning I bought newspaper and .magazine. .newspaper is in my bag but I don’t know where I put . .magazine. 2. I saw accident this morning. car crashed into tree. driver of car wasn’t hurt but car was badly damaged. 3. There are two cars parked outside: blue one and .grey one. blue one belongs to my neighbors. I don’t know who . owner of. grey one is. 4. My friends live in .old house in small village. There is .beautiful garden behind house. I would like to have garden like this. 5. This house is very nice. Has it got .garden? 6. It’s a beautiful day. Let’s sit in garden. 7. Can you recommend good restaurant? 8. We had dinner in .most expensive restaurant in town. 9. There isn’t .airport near where I live. .nearest airport is 70 miles away. 10. “Are you going away next week?” - “No, week after next” Bài tập 2: Điền mạo từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống nếu cần thiết: A man decided to rob bank in the town where he lived. He walked into .bank and handed note to one of cashier. cashier read note which told her to give man some money. Afraid that he might have gun, she did as she was told. .man then walked out of building, leaving note behind. However, he had no time to spend money because he was arrested on . same day. He had made .mistake. He had written note on back of envelope. And on other side of envelope was his name and address. This clue was quite enough for detective on the case. Bài tập 3: Chia động từ (Simple future and near future tense): 1) The train at 11:45. 2) We dinner at a nice restaurant on Saturday. 3) It in the mountains tomorrow evening. 4) On Sunday at 8 oclock I my friend. 5) They . to London on Friday evening. 6) Wait! I . you to the station. 7) The English lesson at 8:45. 8) I . my sister in April. 9) Look at the clouds - it in a few minutes. 10) Listen! Theres someone at the door. I . the door for you. Bài tập 4: Chia động từ (Simple future and near future tense): Martha: What horrible weather today. Id love to go out, but I think it . (just/continue) raining. Jane: Oh, I dont know. Perhaps the sun (come out) later this afternoon. Martha: I hope youre right. Listen, I (have) a party this Saturday. Would you like to come? Jane: Oh, Id love to come. Thank you for inviting me. Who (come) to the party? Martha: Well, a number of people havent told me yet. But, Peter and Mark (help out) with the cooking! Jane: Hey, I (help), too! Martha: Would you? That would be great! Jane: Im sure everyone (have) a good time. Martha: Thats the plan!

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