TAILIEUCHUNG - 101 Ways to promote youar web site

With hundreds of proven tips, tools, and techniques, this freshly updated edition explains how to make the most of the latest Web trends and techniques such as RSS, blogs, podcasting, and mobile marketing for online success. Entrepreneurs, corporate marketing managers, small business owners, consultants, webmasters, individuals, new media professionals, and website designers will find this guidebook invaluable for developing online strategies. A companion website provides up-to-the-minute internet marketing news and expanded information. From optimizing websites for search engines and incorporating dynamic public relations strategies to offline promotion and ensuring customer satisfaction, this handbook is unbeatable for helpful online promotional. | SEVENTH EDITION 101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site Includes a password for accessing a private Web site containing the latest Web site promotion news expanded information and more Ỵ EnMN V ị MeỉẺenũrly _ Iwebsie Re Since I began using some of the ideas in this book I have built my Internet sales from 1 200 per month to more than 1 000 000 per year. Brian Tracy author of Maximum Achievement read by over 1 million people in 22 languages Filled with Proven Internet Marketing Tips Tools Techniques and Resources to Increase Your Web Site Traffic Susan Sweeney CA CSP HoF _ -o f w t A. Main selection of Computer Books Direct book club Over 70 000 Sold Advance Praise I have bought about 10 website books lately and this is by far the most useful. I could hardly put it down. I am not a website designer and this book is invaluable. Grover Hillbolt owner of Round Top Real Estate Expand your knowledge competence AND income by following the internet guru s proven game plans. I did. They work. Guaranteed David Jackson CSP CEO of the Australian Salesmasters Training Company This book is practical and no-nonsense and helped me increase my business tenfold Your website needs this book Cheryl Cran CSP author of The Control Freak Revolution and 50 Ways to Lead and Love it The show we did on 101 Ways To Promote Your Web Site was a huge success. After reading your book our staff decided to implement your ideas to grow our listening audience. and it worked like magic. 101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site is a must read. Bob Sommers host of the Recognized Expert Marketing Show If you are serious about marketing your website to the top and making money on line . this book is a MUST READ Debbie Allen best-selling author of Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters Hands down Best in Class the ONLY book you need on the subject. Warren Evans Founding Chairman of the International Federation for Professional Speakers Forget all the other books on growing your business on the

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