Tham khảo tài liệu 'vị trí trạng ngữ', ngoại ngữ, ngữ pháp tiếng anh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | He still hasn t finished the book. His work seems carefully done today . It always is Can you get a good lunch on the train - I sometimes can . b Chỉ có một so nhỏ phó từ chỉ tần suất và mức độ luôn luôn ở vị trí giữa câu là always usually seldom never just hardly quite rather. còn một số khác và những phó từ chỉ thể cách tận cùng bằng ly thì vị trí tương đôì cơ động Xem lại bài 12 mục IV . Bài tập 2. Điền vào vị trí thích hợp những trạng ngữ trong ngoặc. 1. My brother writes to me rarely . 2. They don t play tennis often . 3. He goes by bus to school always 4. She has had a holiday never . 5. Will he learn anything useful ever 6. They can find time for reading seldom . 7. I am on Sunday at home always . 8. We have breakfast at six generally . 9. I can understand what he says hardly ever 10. He has been never before there . 11. He is in a hurry always because he starts on times never . 12. The engine makes a lot of noise still . 13. They had finished dinner just . 14. Mr. Brown agreed with me quite . 431 15. I missed the bus nearly this morning . 16. We shall be working soon at the new factory . 17. We went for a swim before dinner in the lake usually . 18. I had finished the exercise almost when he arrived . 19. They go seldom for lunch home . 20. Mrs. White and her children sit often in the after-noon on the lawn . 3. Đáp lại những câu sau đây theo dạng ngắn gọn và nhấn mạnh dùng một trợ động từ và một phó từ cho sẵn. Thí dụ You should drive carefully always . - I always do. 1. You re looking very cheerful this morning really . 2. He should go out till he has finished his homework never . 3. They will need warm clothing for winter days surely . 4. He cannot solve this problem hardly . 5. She does not like milk in her tea sometimes . 6. Does the sun rise in the east always 7. Did he ever try to do it by him self often 8. Have you finished your breakfast almost 9. He will be glad to know that his father is back home certainly 432 IV. TRẠNG NGỮ ở VỊ TRĨ ĐAU câu .