The second model of social funds is a part of a ministry, for example, the Bolivia fund or FOSIS in Chile, which are at the second stage. They have more formal agreements with the ministries, they lay less em- phasis on emergency procurement, and civil service rules are followed more closely. Then there are the larger funds in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico. These are usually large umbrella institutions. They have no autonomy. They are financed from the national budget. They implement or coordinate many social programs with the objective of reaching the poorest | Government Gouvernement of Canada du Canada APPLICATION FOR A SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER INFORMATION GUIDE How to apply In Person at a Service Canada Centre Service Canada has made it easy for you to apply for a Social Insurance Number SIN or to amend your SIN record. When applying in person you do not have to complete an application form or send your original documents in the mail. To find the nearest Service Canada Centre visit our Web site or call 1 800 206-7218 and select option 3 . Simply gather the document s you need and take them to your nearest Service Canada Centre. Refer to Step 1 for a list of documents required. If everything is in order you will obtain your SIN at the time of your visit. You will receive your card within 10 business days. By mail to the Social Insurance Registration Office in Bathurst New-Brunswick If it is not convenient for you to apply in person you can mail your application form and original document s required and the fee if applicable to the address below. If you send your application by registered mail the document s will be returned to you in the same way. We are not responsible for documents lost in the mail. If your application and documents are in order you will receive your SIN in the mail within 20 business days. Failure to provide the necessary documents will result in your application being returned to you. Follow Step 1 to 4 to submit your application by mail. NOTE There is no fee required when you are applying to receive a first SIN or amend the name or names on your SIN card if it is due to a legal change of name a marriage a divorce an adoption change the expiry date on a temporary SIN or amend information on your SIN record. To replace your SIN card a 10 fee must be paid. Step 1 - Gather the original documents required Primary proof of identity document s You must provide an original primary proof of identity document to prove your the applicant s identity and status in Canada. Copies or certified

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