TAILIEUCHUNG - Moving In/Moving Out of your Apartment

The Cove building has recorded 195 resales with 11 resulting in a loss ranging from -1% to -17%. A further three sales were resold at the initial purchase price. The resales have averaged 20% within the Cove. Two sales resulted in a capital gain of 71%. One apartment was purchased for $535,000 in August 2002 and resold for $915,000 in May 2010 whereas the other apartment was acquired in 2003 for close to $6 million and resold in 2006. A further ten resales ensured a 50% to 70% capital gain and another 24 sales resulted in a 30% to 50% gain | New York University A private university in the public service .J CUSHMAN WAKEFIELD r Globil Ertitc Solutions 2 Washington Square Village Suite 1-O New York NY 10012 P F Moving In Moving Out of your Apartment Moving Companies Insurance Please see the attached list of movers provided for your convenience page 4 . For competitive pricing we suggest obtaining at least three estimates. These particular companies have current Certificates of Insurance on file with NYU. While no additional certificate is required for these companies NYU recommends obtaining personal insurance when hiring a mover. If you do not use one of the movers from the list provided then a Certificate of Insurance must be provided by the company prior to your move. The Certificate of Insurance must include a cover sheet detailing the name of the moving company your name address and apartment that you are moving to from. The Certificate may be faxed to Cushman Wakefield at 646 997-9990 or emailed to . Move-in Times Elevator Reservations The buildings allow for tenant moves Monday through Friday 9 00am to 5 00pm only and moves are not allowed on weekends or holidays. In addition we require a minimum of 30 days notice for all moves. To avoid elevator usage conflict please reserve the elevator with Client Services at 212-998-1001 or email contactcsc@. If there is already a scheduled move for the time of your request you will be contacted to reschedule for another date. There is a freight elevator in most buildings. Movers and tenants will not be allowed to bring boxes furniture or other large items into passenger cars. If you are not using a moving company and are moving your possessions by yourself any damage to either the freight elevator or hallways will be charged back to your account or retained from your security deposit. Keys If you are moving into an apartment please note that keys are only released on your lease start date. If you