Some of these pages you have seen, some you have praised, one stands new-written because you blamed it; and all, my dear critic, beg leave to remind you of their author's changeless admiration. | THE VIRGINIAN A Horseman Of The Plains By Owen Wister Contents To THEODORE ROOSEVELT TO THE READER THE VIRGINIAN I. ENTER THE MAN II. WHEN YOU CALL ME THAT SMILE III. STEVE TREATS IV. DEEP INTO CATTLE LAND V. ENTER THE WOMAN VI. EM LY VII. THROUGH TWO SNOWS VIII. THE SINCERE SPINSTER IX. THE SPINSTER MEETS THE UNKNOWN X. WHERE FANCY WAS BRED XI. YOU RE GOING TO LOVE ME BEFORE WE GET THROUGH XII. QUALITY AND EQUALITY XIII. THE GAME AND THE NATION ACT FIRST XIV. BETWEEN THE ACTS XV. THE GAME AND THE NATION ACT SECOND XVI. THE GAME AND THE NATION LAST ACT XVII. SCIPIO MORALIZES XVIII. WOULD YOU BE A PARSON XIX. DR. MACBRIDE BEGS PARDON XX. THE JUDGE IGNORES PARTICULARS XXI. IN A STATE OF SIN XXII. WHAT IS A RUSTLER XXIII. VARIOUS POINTS XXIV. A LETTER WITH A MORAL XXV. PROGRESS OF THE LOST DOG XXVI. BALAAM AND PEDRO XXVII. GRANDMOTHER STARK XXVIII. NO DREAM TO WAKE FROM XXIX. WORD TO BENNINGTON XXX. A STABLE ON THE FLAT XXXI. THE COTTONWOODS XXXII. SUPERSTITION TRAIL XXXIII. THE SPINSTER LOSES SOME SLEEP XXXIV. TO FIT HER FINGER XXXV. WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT XXXVI. AT DUNBARTON To THEODORE ROOSEVELT Some of these pages you have seen some you have praised one stands new-written because you blamed it and all my dear critic beg leave to remind you of their author s changeless admiration. TO THE READER Certain of the newspapers when this book was first announced made a mistake most natural upon seeing the sub-title as it then stood A TALE OF SUNDRY ADVENTURES. This sounds like a historical novel said one of them meaning I take it a colonial romance. As it now stands the title will scarce lead to such interpretation yet none the less is this book historical quite as much so as any colonial romance. Indeed when you look at the root of the matter it is a colonial romance. For Wyoming between 1874 and 1890 was a colony as wild as was Virginia one hundred years earlier. As wild with a scantier population and the same primitive joys and dangers. There were to be sure not so .

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