TAILIEUCHUNG - adobe InDesign CS5 Bible for dummies PHẦN 10

Nếu bạn áp dụng một quá trình chuyển đổi vào các trang web vừa chọn nhưng sau đó quyết định bạn muốn áp dụng một quá trình chuyển đổi tất cả lây lan, chỉ cần đi đến một trong những trang mà có quá trình chuyển đổi trang ứng dụng, hoặc chọn trang đó trong bảng điều khiển trang | Chapter 24 Presentation Project Basics 393 If you applied a page transition to just selected pages but then decide you want to apply a page transition to all spreads just go to one of the pages that has the page transition applied or select that page in the Pages panel and then choose Apply to All Spreads in the Page Transitions panel s flyout menu or click the Apply to All Spreads iconic button at the bottom of the panel. To change selected pages transitions choose a new one using the Choose menus described earlier or choose a new transition from the Page Transitions panel. You have three ways to remove all page transitions Choose Page Transitions Clear All from the Pages panel s flyout menu. Choose Layout Page Transitions Clear All. Choose Clear All from the Page Transitions dialog box s flyout menu. Animating Objects An animation is at its heart a moving object in InDesign. That is you are applying motion and visibility effects to the various kinds of objects InDesign creates for any type of document frames shapes lines and so on. So before animating your objects you create them using the standard methods described throughout this book. You edit them and their contents using the standard techniques as well even after you apply animation effects to them. The animation effects applied in InDesign can be viewed only in Flash Player SWF files viewed in Adobe Flash Player 10 or later they are ignored if you export to HTML interactive PDF e-book or Flash Pro FLA project files. What do I mean by animation effects InDesign supports 47 predefined animation effects or motion presets that fall into the following types appear disappear including fade in and out move into the desired location from elsewhere change size rotate and move in place such as bounce up and down or dance . Some predefined animation effects combine several effects such as move and scale but you cannot create your own combinations such as having an object fly in from the top then bounce up and down and

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