TAILIEUCHUNG - How to Do Everything With Your Scanner- P17

How to Do Everything With Your Scanner- P17: My thanks to the terrifically creative and knowledgeable staff at Osborne, particularly acquisitions editor Megg Bonar and acquisitions coordinator Alissa Larson for their responsiveness and flexibility. Special thanks to technical editor Steve Bain, not only for his insight and attentiveness to accuracy, but also for actively coming up with many ideas for content. | 64 How to Do Everything with Your Scanner Some Scanners Have Memory Card Readers for Digital Camera Photos cameras equipped for image transfer and 30 percent faster than dedicated memory card readers. The scanner automatically transfers the images from the memory card inserted into one of the built-in readers. This scanner now a personal favorite of mine allows you to store load email fax and upload all of your digital images using its five OneTouch buttons. Even better the software included with the scanner automatically creates a thumbnail of each image that allows you to instantly organize locate and use all of your photos in other applications. The scanner offers a 600x1200 dpi optical resolution and 42-bit color. Surprisingly the Visioneer PhotoPort 7700 USB shown in Figure 3-9 retails at about 149 as of the writing of this book making it one of the best deals on the market. This price is particularly attractive considering the scanner comes with some terrific bundled software MGI PhotoSuite III SE and TextBridge Pro enabling you to scan and edit text documents as discussed in Chapter 3 . FIGURE 3-9 The new Visioneer PhotoPort 7700 USB scanner has high-speed memory card readers. Chapter 4 Install Your Scanner and Inventory Your Hardware Copyright 2001 by The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. Click Here for Terms of Use. 66 How to Do Everything with Your Scanner How To. Evaluate and update your hardware for scanning projects Decide what kind of printer you need Install your scanner Get help and troubleshoot the installation process Hardware Requirements for Successful Scanning Scanning projects are amazingly fun and easy for you but play havoc on your hardware. This is mostly because image files can be big much larger than text or database files. This makes the size and speed of your PC components more noticeable when you re doing image-editing than for other tasks. Speed and Power Little metal slivers called chips are the driving force in the computer industry .

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