TAILIEUCHUNG - How to Do Everything With Your Scanner- P12

How to Do Everything With Your Scanner- P12: My thanks to the terrifically creative and knowledgeable staff at Osborne, particularly acquisitions editor Megg Bonar and acquisitions coordinator Alissa Larson for their responsiveness and flexibility. Special thanks to technical editor Steve Bain, not only for his insight and attentiveness to accuracy, but also for actively coming up with many ideas for content. | CHAPTER 2 How Scanning Technology Works 39 TIP Most scanners today have multiple resolution settings for scanning different media such as text or photos. Check the instructions for your scanner to adjust the scan settings. How to Change the Resolution Settings on Your Monitor You can actually easily change the resolution settings on your monitor using the Windows Display Properties dialog box. To adjust the resolution of your monitor follow these steps 1. From the Windows Start menu go to Settings and then Control Panel. The Control Panel window appears on your desktop. 2. Double-click the Display icon to open it. The dialog box shown in Figure 2-10 appears. 3. Click the Settings tab to display the options shown in Figure 2-11 which allow you to set the color depth and monitor resolution higher or lower. 4. Be sure to click OK after you ve adjusted the settings. A dialog box prompts you to view the new resolution settings prior to confirming them. Click the Display icon FIGURE 2-10 Select the Display icon from the Control Panel window. 40 How to Do Everything with Your Scanner Use slider control to change monitor resolution FIGURE 2-11 Use the slider control in the dialog box to adjust monitor resolution. Matching Scanner and Printer Specifications Your first impulse might be to match the resolution specifications of your printer and scanner. After all if your scanner captures 600 ppi wouldn t it seem that a 600-dpi printer should be able to do a great job with it This isn t necessarily the case. Generally aim to scan an image at a higher resolution than your output device. For example if you have a 600-dpi printer scanning at 800 ppi is probably your best bet. Scanning at 1 200 ppi might also be a good tactic. Extra pixels capture added detail enabling you to apply effects with more precision and maximizing printer output quality however if your image is destined for a specific purpose such as offset printing or Web use be sure to reduce the resolution to the .

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