TAILIEUCHUNG - Quick Primer for Old School Gaming

A quick introduction to playing Original D&D or Swords & Wizardry (the 0e retro-clone). This booklet is designed for the modern-style gamer who’s planning on taking the old-style rules for a trial run -- because open-ended rules like 0e are USED very differently than rules are used in modern systems. | M hn râ 19rWr for lộ ểtyool Bajm M By Matthew J. Finch and Mythmere Games Copyright 2008 Matthew J. Finch. Swords Wizardry is a trademark of Matthew J. Finch. i ÍŨMitề. 10rwr for lỉ ể tộool n amfnG This booklet is an introduction to old school gaming designed especially for anyone who started playing fantasy role-playing games after say the year 2000 - but it s also for longer-time players who have slowly shifted over to modern styles of role-playing over the years. If you want to try a one-shot session of 0e using the free Swords Wizardry rules just printing the rules and starting to play as you normally do will produce a completely pathetic gaming session - you ll decide that 0e is just missing all kinds of important rules. What makes 0e different from later games isn t the rules themselves it s how they re used. In fact there s such a big difference between the 0e style of play and the modern style of play that I ve described four Zen Moments where a fundamental modern gaming concept is turned completely on its head by the 0e approach. These are areas where your most basic assumptions about gaming probably need to be reversed if you want to experience what real 0e playing is all about. I call them Zen Moments because they sound completely and impossibly wrong to the modern gamer s ear but once you accept the mirror-image logic of this approach it suddenly makes sense as a system like the reversed world of Alice-in-the-Looking-Glass. In General Four Zen Moments Playing an old-style game is very different from modern games where rules cover many specific situations. The 0e rules don t give you much specific guidance and that s not because they left out the answers to save space. Treat it like a game you ve never seen before a game where the rules give guidelines and the referee interprets those guidelines. First Zen Moment Rulings not Rules Most of the time in old-style gaming you don t use a rule you make a ruling. It s easy to understand that sentence but it .

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