TAILIEUCHUNG - Children's Health and the Environment Children's Health and the Environment

This section provides detailed information about each of the requirements in the Child Health Standard. However, it is important to acknowledge that there are several limitations to this discussion. Firstly, due to the multiple dimensions of this area of health promotion, it is impossible to provide a comprehensive analysis of each requirement. Secondly, relatively few Child Health programs have been formally evaluated and, while there is a considerable amount of “grey literature” in the area of child and family health promotion, there is limited empirical evidence regarding best practice in this area. In particular, we also recognize the best practice. | TRAINING FOR THE HEALTH SECTOR Date .Place . CHILDREN AND CHEMICALS Children s Health and the Environment WHO Training Package for the Health Sector World Health Organization www. ceh October 2011 1 NOTE TO USER Please add details of the date time place and sponsorship of the meeting for which you are using this presentation in the space indicated. NOTE TO USER This is a large set of slides from which the presenter should select the most relevant ones to use in a specific presentation. These slides cover many facets of the problem. Present only those slides that apply most directly to the local situation in the region. 1 Children and chemicals LEARNING OBJECTIVES Learn about chemical hazards - what they are and the risks they may pose to children Identify the scenarios - how where and when are children exposed Recognize signs symptoms and diseases due to acute and chronic toxic exposures in children Know how to assess prevent and treat children s toxic exposures 2 READ SLIDE This presentation deals with children and chemicals - an issue of great concern for parents and communities and also for policy-makers that has been the subject of a number of international recommendations. Health care providers can play a key role in reducing children s exposures to chemicals. 2 Children and chemicals CHEMICALS AMONG OTHER GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH ISSUES Chemical hazards Air pollution - indoor and outdoor Household water insecurity Poor hygiene and sanitation Disease vectors Injuries and accidents Emerging issues - Climate change -POPs - Ozone layer WHO At the GLOBAL level WHO has identified six main environmental threats to children s health in addition to the so-called emerging issues . All of these threats have either a strong chemical component or are related to the use of chemicals. These threats are as follows Chemical hazards. Exposure to both the old and new chemicals of anthropogenic and natural origin present in the places where .

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