Scientifi c breakthroughs in the fi eld of early brain development have shown that vital brain cell connections (synapses) are made in the fi rst fi ve years of life in the parts of the brain that control how a child listens, sees, talks, discovers, reasons and feels. As the child continues to grow, some of these original neural pathways will be strengthened while others will be discarded. This brain-wiring process happens most rapidly during infancy and early childhood, when “the brain is particularly open to biological embedding and to creating the neural pathways that will. | I l Ml 11 I II I I l CHILD HEALTH AND DISABILITY PREVENTION CHDP PROGRAM SEPTEMBER 1 2012 COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES AGENCY 3851 Rosecrans st. ste. 522 San Diego CA 92110-3115 619 692-8808 SAN DIEGO COUNTY CHDP PROVIDER LIST ACTIVE PROVIDERS Printed SEPTEMBER 1 2012 INDEX PRIMARY SCREENING PROVIDERS IN SAN DIEGO COUNTY NUMERICAL LISTING BY ZIP CODE ZIP CODE AREA 91901 - -Alpine 91906 -Campo 91910 -Chula Vista 91911 -Chula Vista 91913 -Chula Vista 91914 -Chula Vista 91915 -Chula Vista 91932 -Imperial Beach 91941 -La Mesa 91942 - -La Mesa 91945 -Lemon Grove 91950 -National City 91977 -Spring Valley 92004 -Borrego Springs 92008 -Carlsbad 92019 -El Cajon 92020 -El Cajon 92021 -El Cajon 92024 - -Encinitas 92025 -Escondido 92027 -Escondido ZIP CODE AREA 92028- Fallbrook 92036- Julian 92037- La Jolla 92040- Lakeside 92054- Oceanside 92056- Oceanside 92057- Oceanside 92058- -Oceanside 92061- Pauma Valley 92064- Poway 92065- Ramona 92069- San Marcos 92071- Santee 92078- San Marcos 92082- Valley Center 92083- Vista 92084- Vista 92101- Downtown SD 92102- Southeast Golden Hills SD ZIP CODE AREA ZIP CODE AREA 92103- Hillcrest Old 92115- College Grove 92104- Town Mission Hills SD North Park 92116- Ctr. Rolando Village SD San Diego 92105- Normal Hgts SD -East San Diego 92117- 92120- Clairemont SD Grantville Del 92109- 92111- Pacific Mission Beach SD Linda Vista 92123- Cerro Allied Gardens SD Serra Mesa 92113- 92114- Clairemont SD Southeast Logan Hgts SD Encanto Lomita Village SD 9212692130- 92154- 92173- Cabrillo Hgts Mission Village SD Mira Mesa SD North City West Carmel Valley SD otay Mesa Nestor SD San .

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