TAILIEUCHUNG - Erie County, New York 2010 – 2013 Community Health Assessment

Interministerial partnerships and healthy public policies also support local Child Health programs and services. The Healthy Babies Healthy Children (HBHC) program is a Reproductive and Child Health requirement designed to give children the best start in life. The Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) administers the program and local public health units deliver the program components. The Family Health programs are supported by the Ministry of Health Promotion and outcomes achieved through the implementation of all the Child Health program requirements. For information about government strategies targeted to reach students, see the School Health Guidance Document | Erie County New York 2010 - 2013 Community Health Assessment Anthony J. Billittier IV MD FACEP Commissioner of Health Updated 8 2011 2010-2013 COMMUNITY HEALTH ASSESSMENT Erie County CHA CHECKLIST INDEX CHA Checklist INDEX INDEX page no. X Section One - Populations at Risk . 1 A. Demographic and Health Status Information -narrative and statistical description of the - 6 Basic Service Area Family Health Programs X Dental Health Education .7 X Primary and Preventive Health Care X Lead X Prenatal Care and Infant X Family X X Injury Basic Service Area Disease Control Programs X Sexually Transmitted X X Communicable X X Chronic Heart Disease and Tobacco X Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV .146 Optional Service Areas X Dental Health Optional Other Service Areas Programs X Medical X Emergency Medical X Laboratories. 159 X Early Intervention and X B. Access to Care - general discussion of health X C. The Local Health Care .

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