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Cấu trúc về các thì trong tiếng anh. | English Grammar in Use Grammar Reference RAYMOND MURPHY Contents Present perfect I have done 2 Present perfect 1 have done and past simple 1 did 2 I will and I m going to 3 Past cont inuous 1 was doing 4 Pa st continuous I was doing past simple I did 4 Past perfect I had done 5 Reported speech He said that. 6 If I do If I did and If I had done Must and can t 8 May and might 8 Passive is done was done 9 Passive verbs with two objects 9 Verb -ing to 10 Preposition in I for I about etc. -ing 10 Spelling rules 11 List of irregular verbs 12 For Further Practice English Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises Louise Hashemi with Raymond Murphy Cambridge University Press 2000. Not for sale separately. Present perfect I have done Tom is looking for his key. He can t find it. He has lost his key. He has lost his key He lost it and he still hasn t got it. Have has lost is the present perfect simple I we they you have I ve etc. he she it has he setc. finished lost done been etc. The present perfect simple is have has past participle. The past participle often ends in -cd finished decided etc. but many important verbs are irregular lost done been written etc. . For a list of irregular verbs see . Present perfect and past I have done and I did Now Tom has found his kev. He has it now. Has he lost his key present perfect No he hasn t. He has found it. Did he lose his key past simple Yes he did. He lost his key past simple but now he has found it. present perfect The present perfect is a present tense. It always tells us something about now. Torn has lost his key he doesn t have his key now. The past simple tells us only about the past. If somebody says Toni lost his key we don t know whether he has it now or not. We only know that he lost it at some time in the past. Do not use the present perfect I have done when you talk about a finished time for example yesterday ten minutes ago in 1985 when I was a child . Use a past tense 0 The weather was nice yesterday not has been .

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