TAILIEUCHUNG - Pesticide Residues in Coastal Tropical Ecosystems: Distribution, fate and effects - Chapter 17 (end)

Hiện pháp luật về môi trường, quy định, và các tiêu chuẩn liên quan đến môi trường biển và ven biển phải được thi hành. Tuy nhiên, có một nhu cầu ở một số nước tăng cường và mở rộng bảo vệ môi trường hoặc thông qua các sáng tạo của các cơ quan thực thi mà vắng mặt hoặc bằng cách phát triển và mở rộng khuôn khổ pháp lý cho việc bảo vệ môi trường biển và ven biển. Khuôn khổ pháp lý cho việc bảo vệ môi trường biển phải được tiếp tục phát triển trên cả. | Chapter 17 Summary Milton D. Taylor and Stephen J. Klaine GOVERNMENTAL POLICIES Existing environmental legislation regulations and standards concerning the coastal and marine environments must be enforced. However there is a need in some countries to strengthen and broaden environmental protection either through creation of enforcement agencies where absent or by developing and expanding the legal framework for protecting coastal and marine environments. The legal framework for protecting the marine environment must be further developed on both the international level and within the legal context of individual countries. Comprehensive enforceable laws dealing with pollution of surface and ground waters by pesticides and other pollutants are needed. Many of the less developed countries of the tropics have modeled their environmental institutions and laws after those of more industrialized and developed nations however those countries still in the process of establishing or revising their environmental protections should learn from the mistakes of others and seek to improve the basic model to fit local conditions environmental cultural and political. As authorities responsible for regulatory control of pesticides become adequately conversant with control systems already in effect in other countries they will be able to more effectively streamline the guidelines and standards currently in effect in various countries to ensure the future safe use of pesticides. In those countries where pesticide regulatory or control systems have not yet been implemented a request for registration of a pesticide product by a manufacturer should be accompanied by a comprehensive data set collected by the manufacturer s research group which would include a wide range of toxicity data persistence data environmental fate and effects data all of which should be collected under local conditions if economically feasible or under suitable surrogate conditions . a similar tropical climate .

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