TAILIEUCHUNG - Pesticide Residues in Coastal Tropical Ecosystems: Distribution, fate and effects - Chapter 12

Costa Rica là nước thứ hai nhỏ nhất ở Trung Mỹ, với diện tích km2, và kéo dài từ khoảng Lạt. 8 ° đến 11 ° N và giữa dài. 83 ° và 86 ° W. Costa Rica là biên giới với Nicaragua về phía bắc, Panama ở phía nam, Biển Caribe ở phía đông, và Thái Bình Dương ở phía tây. Nó có một hình thức kéo dài, trải dài từ đông bắc đến phía đông nam có chiều dài lớn nhất 480 km trên trục tây bắc-đông nam và chiều rộng hẹp giữa các vùng Ca-ri-bê và. | Chapter 12 Th e use of pesticides in Costa Rica and their impact on coastal ecosystems Elba M. de la Cruz and Luisa E. Castillo INTRODUCTION Costa Rica is the second smallest country in Central America with an area of 51 100 km2 and extends from approximately Lat. 8 to 11 N and between Long. 83 and 86 W Costa Rica is bordered by Nicaragua on the north Panama on the south the Caribbean Sea on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. It has an elongated form that stretches from northeast to southeast with a greatest length of 480 km on the northwest-southeast axis and a narrowest width between the Caribbean and the Pacific of only 118 km Figure . The highest regions of Costa Rica are in the center of the country its lowlands are more extensive and flat on the Caribbean side and to the north than on the Pacific side. Costa Rican geology dates from 150 M years ago the consolidation of its mountainous backbone was associated with a long history of volcanic activity. Sixty-eight volcanoes have been identified of which nine are considered to be active. Its mountainous backbone can be divided into two units separated in the middle of the country by two valleys those of the Rio Grande de Tárcoles and the Reventazon Castillo-Munos 1983 Trejos 1991 . Costa Rica has a patrimonial sea area of 520 000 km2 about 10 times its national territory although the characteristics of the Pacific and the Caribbean coastal regions are quite different. The Caribbean Coast is straight and short 212 km while the Pacific Coast is very irregular with many peninsulas capes points islands and gulfs over a length of 1 328 km Quesada 1990 . Costa Rica s tropical location between two oceans with its complex mountain systems causes a great variety of climatic conditions. There are two defined rainfall regimes one for the Caribbean side and another for the Pacific side. On the Caribbean side including both the northern lowlands and the Caribbean coastal regions there is not a defined dry .

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