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Bây giờ bạn có thể xóa các menu nhảy giữ chỗ đồ họa, và sau đó đặt mục Thư viện, bằng cách thực hiện các bước sau đây: 1. Mở tập tin bạn đang sử dụng để xây dựng mẫu của bạn. (Nó bắt đầu như , nhưng bạn có thể tạo ra một.) | Session 20 Preparing Library Items for the New Site 211 Placing the jump menu in the template page Now you can delete the placeholder jump menu graphic and then place the Library item by taking the following steps 1. Open the file you are using to build your template. It started as but you may have created another. 2. Delete the jump menu graphic placeholder. 3. Drag the jump menu Library item to the position where you just deleted the graphic. 4. Preview in your browsers to make sure that all is working well. Your page is in nearly final form to create the template. Creating a Library item text menu Every page should have a text menu at the bottom so your visitors can navigate to the next page without returning to the top of the page. I like Library items for these menus even though I always break the connection when I remove the current page link. Take the following steps to create a text menu as a Library item 1. Click the side menu on the Assets panel and select New Library Item. Assign the name textmenu to the new listing. 2. Select Edit from the Assets panel side menu or click the Edit button at the bottom of the Assets panel. A blank page opens. 3. Type Home News Products Recipes History Events About Us Contact Links. Create a link for each menu as follows . Make sure that there is no formatting applied to the text. The Format field of the Properties panel should be set to None. Don t worry about formatting the text. You will be creating a Cascading Style Sheet to control the text in Session 23. 4. Select File o Save and close the document. Your menu is now ready to place in the document. Placing the text menu in your template page I deliberately neglected to add a row in the lower table in the template preparation page. This type of adjustment is so common when you are putting a site together and I want to emphasize the reasons that I am so .

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