TAILIEUCHUNG - dreamweaver mx weekend crash course phần 6

Các trang mẫu đang bắt đầu có ý nghĩa. Bạn có các trình đơn của các khu vực noneditable, tuy nhiên, và bạn biết rằng bạn sẽ muốn chỉnh sửa các. Đối với họ là hữu ích nhất, bạn phải chắc chắn rằng tất cả các mục trình đơn được đưa vào trang mẫu của bạn. | 172 Saturday Afternoon 20 Min. To Go The template page is starting to make sense. You have your menus in noneditable regions however and you know that you will to want to edit these. For them to be most useful you must make sure that all menu items are included on your template page. At the beginning of the last exercise you added a Home rollover image to the graphic menu. The menu is now ready to be turned into an editable region. The text menu at the bottom of the page must be edited however for a useful template. You want to have all menu items present in your template because deleting content is much easier than adding content and it is much better for consistency. Start with the table and add the home link. 1. Insert your cursor in the cell containing the word route. Select Modify o Table o Insert Column. A new column is added. 2. Type home in the new column. Create a link to . Your menu is ready for the template now but you have to make it an editable region. 3. Select the entire table. Select Insert o Template Objects o Editable Region. Type the name textmenu in the New Editable Region window. When you create a page from this menu you will simply delete one column from the table. Although you are probably wondering where you are going to stop you still have a few things to add to your template. Your graphic menu is very important but the rollovers create an extra challenge. Let s move on. Take the following steps to create an editable Region from a graphic menu with rollovers 1. Select the entire menu. Check your code to ensure that you have selected all the required code for those elements. It is likely that some code will not be selected from the Design view. For this example your code should start with the following a href . onMouseOut MM_swapImgRestore . . . Your code must end with the following . . . width 163 height 48 border 0 a Make sure that all of the code is selected in Code view and return to Design view to finish. 2. Create

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