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bảng điều khiển trang web Dreamweaver sẽ phản ánh những thay đổi. Cửa sổ này chỉ đơn giản là thêm một danh sách những gì trên ổ cứng của bạn trong thư mục được chỉ định. Khi bạn chọn Xem từ xa, bảng điều khiển Trang web sẽ hiển thị một danh sách các tập tin từ xa của bạn | Session 12 Creating and Checking Links 133 Figure 12-2 Both the Properties panel and the code version of a path to a file two levels above the document containing the link. Relative links are generally used unless there is a reason to use an absolute link. Links that are contained within a site are usually best as relative links. If you do change your directory structure Dreamweaver adjusts your links for you saving you a great deal of work and providing perfect accuracy. However there are cases where absolute links must be used. Absolute links Absolute links are a must for any link to another site. For example if you are linking to you must use the absolute link http . See Figure 12-3 for the code and Properties panel view of a link to an external site. Anything less than the full address will not take your visitor to the site. Large organizations often insist on absolute links for their Web pages. Figure 12-3 Both the Properties panel and the code display the absolute path to the link. It makes no difference in HTML whether you point to your Route page from your home page as http absolute or you point to your Route page by specifying relative . The two examples of link codes below both lead to the same place for a visitor Relative link a href Text for the link a Absolute link a href http www htdocs weekend Text for the link a For quick and accurate absolute links copy the address of the site you want to link to from the browser address bar and then paste the link into the links section of the Properties panel or directly into your code . More broken links occur from typos than from any other type of error. 134 Saturday Afternoon 20 Min. To Go Named Anchor Links You do not always want to link outside of the document that you are creating. For pages with long text passages it s a good idea to give your readers links to individual topics within the page. In other cases .

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