TAILIEUCHUNG - dreamweaver mx weekend crash course phần 4

và xóa các tập tin từ bảng điều khiển này, và những thay đổi sẽ được thực hiện trên ổ cứng của bạn. Nếu bạn thực hiện những thay đổi các tập tin khi bạn không làm việc trong màn hình Dreamweaver, | 94 Saturday Morning Figure 8-3 Final appearance for background image test tables. Leave the table backgrounds for a few minutes and set up your preview browsers. Once you can preview the tables I ll discuss what you can and cannot do with table background images. 10 Min. To Go Previewing a Dreamweaver Document As you work you should preview your page often at least in the two most popular browsers Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. In addition to letting you know that the browsers are interpreting the code to match the layout you created a preview will also activate functions that do not display in Dreamweaver such as JavaScript. For a refresher on how to define a preview browser and preview your Dreamweaver document review the Viewing Your Document section in Session 2. You must have Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator installed on your computer for this course. If you would like to add other browsers for example Opera the steps you take are provided in Session 2. Once you have your preview browsers set up in Dreamweaver you are ready to see how the browsers are interpreting your pages. You are about to be introduced to one of the toughest elements of Web design. The code you have produced is correct well technically correct. However each browser has its own way of handling that code. Session 8 Enhancing Tables with Background Color and Images 95 It s a great idea to start a notebook or an electronic note file to keep track of all the browser oddities you discover. You ll save hours in the future if you take the time to make a few simple notes now. Table Backgrounds and Browsers If you have not already done so preview the document that you created in the background images session in both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Leave both windows open and compare. Considering that these two previews came from the same document in Dreamweaver the differences are rather astounding. Figure 8-4 shows the result but you will be better able to see the .

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