TAILIEUCHUNG - dreamweaver mx weekend crash course phần 3

Dreamweaver quét các thư mục mà bạn chỉ định và danh sách các thư mục nó tìm thấy trong bảng điều khiển trang web khi xem địa phương được chọn. (Xem hình 2-1.) Bạn có thể di chuyển, đổi tên, | Session 5 Defining a Dreamweaver Site 55 Figure 5-2 The Holiday site is connected to the server when you see the root folder for the remote site. If your Internet connection is behind a firewall see your technical advisor for instructions on setting up your FTP. Congratulations You are now ready to start publishing to the Web. Be sure to test that all systems are go while you become more familiar with files and folders in Dreamweaver. On the other hand you may not be celebrating right now. If your FTP connection did not work step through the process again right from the start. If that does not solve the problem get in touch with the technical support people for your hosting company. Make sure you include all the entries you made while attempting to make the connection. Use the titles that you find listed near the beginning of this section and retype the settings that you used in your unsuccessful attempt. Most likely the support staff will instantly spot your error and quickly get you up and running. Dreamweaver creates a log of FTP activity during a session. If you select View o Site FTP log in the Site panel menu you see everything that happened during the current FTP session. Read through to see if you can identify the problem. It may not make sense to you but it could help your technical support representative solve your problem for you. Simply select the text in the file and paste it into an e-mail to transfer the report. This lets your technical support person know exactly where you are having trouble. Creating a Folder on Your Remote Site In Session 4 you created a document with the highly creative name of . You also created a folder called art into which you placed an image from the CD-ROM. Now you want to transfer these files to the Web. It is vital that you keep the same structure for your remote files as you have for your local files. To that end I actually make you work a little harder for this exercise than is r--- 56 Saturday

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