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Các địa chỉ IP và mặt nạ mạng sẽ thay đổi căn cứ trên environmet. ✦ tuyến đường thêm GW mặc định con cóc-GW - Thêm một tuyến đường mặc định (con cóc-GW) như một gateway. Các thiết bị thực tế sử dụng cho tuyến đường đó phụ thuộc vào | Chapter 15 Linux Kernel 321 support you can later choose the network adapters to use with the kernel. This method of configuration can be tedious because if you make a mistake near the end you must start all over again. The next option for configuration make menuconfig uses ncurces to navigate through a menu-like screen from which you can navigate select and modify features using arrow keys. Using this tool to configure the kernel is much less overwhelming when adjusting and tweaking the configuration. Following the menus see Figure 15-1 you can confidently set the configuration you want to use indicating what you want to use as a module and what you want built into the kernel. Figure 15-1 A graphical kernel configuration tool using ncurses on a text display If you prefer to work from a complete graphical interface use make xconfig to build the configuration file. This tool uses Tcl Tk to interpret the configuration options and then displays the categories as shown in Figure 15-2. You can use the mouse to click category buttons and select radio button options. You have the option to return each time to the main menu or progress through the entire configuration one window at a time. Lastly if you have configured your kernel before and would like to use the old configuration with a new kernel version you can use make oldconfig to minimize your efforts. This is not commonly used for first-time kernel updates. You will only be asked questions for new features with this method of configuration. After you have completed one of the configuration methods you will have a .config file that the next process uses to compile the kernel. 322 Part III AdministeringLinux Figure 15-2 Using the convenient kernel configuration tool in an X environment Compiling and installing a new kernel After you have the configuration file created you re ready to move on to compiling the kernel. This takes several steps and can take some time depending on your computer s speed and available .

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