TAILIEUCHUNG - Environment and labour force skills

The Environment Agency is the lead organisation for providing flood and coastal risk management and warnings of flooding from main rivers and on the coast. We are responsible for the strategic overview for all sources of flooding. This means we will advise and bring together the planning and management of flood risk from rivers, the sea, groundwater, reservoirs and surface water. Many different public and private bodies are involved in managing flood and coastal erosion risk, each accountable for different aspects of risk management. The Environment Agency’s challenge is to help bodies such as local authorities, internal drainage boards, the. | Environment and labour force skills Overview of the links between the skills profile of the labour force and environmental factors Final report Client European Commission DG Environment ECORYS Allister Slingenberg Koen Rademaekers Ekim Sincer Ruud van der Aa Rotterdam 9 December 2008 ECORYS ECORYS Nederland BV . Box 4175 3006 AD Rotterdam Watermanweg 44 3067 GG Rotterdam The Netherlands T 31 0 10 453 88 00 F 31 0 10 453 07 68 E lsp@ W Registration no. 24316726 ECORYS Labour Social Policy T 31 0 10 453 88 05 F 31 0 10 453 88 34 ECORYS SIN RG .

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