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✦ route add-net netmask gw isphost - dòng lệnh này cho biết thêm các mạng gatewayed sử dụng các tuyến đường giao diện PPP (trước). ✦ route add-net netmask | 182 Part II Working with Debian Line commands Line commands provide methods of searching through a file to execute the line editor or shell commands. You can type these commands at any time. When a user presses the command character and so on the cursor moves to the status line where the user can enter the rest of the command see Table 9-2 . Table 9-2 Line commands Command Action pattern Searches forward for a pattern. The pattern may be a simple word or string that you re searching for or a regular expression. pattern Searches backward for a pattern Invokes an ex command. Invokes a shell command that uses the buffer as the input and replaces it with the output from the command Movement commands by character Navigating through the screen that is moving the cursor to a specific position requires that you not be in insert mode. Instead you must be in command mode. Table 9-3 lists the commands used to move the cursor one character at a time when in command mode. Table 9-3 Single-character movement commands Command Action h Left one character j Down one character k Up one character l SPACEBAR Right one character Movement commands by text The commands listed in Table 9-4 enable you to move the cursor through the text more quickly by jumping to the next word sentence or paragraph. Chapter 9 Essential Tools 183 Table 9-4 Multi-character movement commands Command Action w W Forward by one word b B Backward by one word Beginning of the next or previous sentence from the current sentence Beginning of the next or previous paragraph from the current paragraph Beginning of the next or previous section from the current section Movement commands by lines The commands listed in Table 9-5 enable you to maneuver through the screen line by line. Table 9-5 Line movement commands Command Moves to 0 zero The first position of the current line The last position of the current line A The first nonblank character of the current line RETURN The first nonblank character of the next line - .

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