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Các lệnh route cũng cho biết thêm thông tin vào bảng. Dưới đây là một số ví dụ thêm các tuyến đường vào bảng: ✦ tuyến đường thêm isphost ppp0 - Thêm các tuyến đường cho các máy chủ isphost thông qua giao diện PPP, giả định rằng isphost là các máy chủ PPP | Chapter 5 Networking 111 The route command also adds information to the table. Here are some examples of adding routes to the table route add isphost ppp0 Adds the route to the isphost host via the PPP interface assuming that isphost is the PPP host route add -net netmask gw isphost This command line adds the network to be gatewayed using the route to the PPP interface preceding . route add -net netmask dev eth0 This line adds a route to the network via the device eth0. You can find an entry similar to this one in most routing tables to let the local machine know its local network. The IP address and netmask will change base on the environmet. route add default gw toad-gw Adds a default route toad-gw as a gateway. The device actually used for that route depends on how you can reach toad-gw assuming the static route to toad-gw is set up already . These examples show how to add routes to the table. There are other command options that enable you to remove routes restrict routes and more. Look at the online documentation for complete details. Typically there are machines dedicated to routing for complex networks. In most cases with small networks little routing is needed. Summary You should have an understanding of how data is transferred on a network what constitutes a network and the key components to setting up a network. This area alone is a career path for some individuals as they strive to master routers gateways and networks across the country. If you are looking for your own domain name try these services Network Solutions at at The topics covered in this chapter may not be as in-depth as you need for your situation or they may not cover the specific questions you might have. You can look into the following helpful Web pages. They are geared specifically to the topic and they try to explain how to perform that task. Keep in .

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