TAILIEUCHUNG - debian gnu linux bible phần 2

bạn cần phải tận dụng tối đa của "khoai tây" phát hành Debian GNU / . Từ tùy biến một hệ thống máy tính để bàn để xử lý sự cố mạng hoặc thiết lập một thương mại điện tửLời nói đầu bởi Ian Murdock, sáng lập của Debian và đồng sáng lập Progeny Systems Linux | First Steps as a Linux User After you install Debian GNU Linux the fun really begins. Now you begin to use this operating system to explore the deep riches offered by Linux. But a question arises concerning what to do after you log in. I have been asked more times than I can remember Okay I have Linux installed. Now what Linux is an untapped well of application opportunities. You have the privilege of discovering with me some of those opportunities as you get started using Linux. This chapter begins laying the groundwork for Debian GNU Linux by introducing commonly used essential commands. In this operating system you cannot accomplish everything by clicking a mouse button. Therefore knowing the commands and having the knowledge to navigate the file system becomes essential to maintaining your system. In This Chapter Logging in and out Getting immediate documentation Maneuvering through files Managing files Shutting down the system File system structure Logging In and Out of Linux Once you install and configure all of the packages logging in for the first time isn t hard. You are always prompted to log in with a name and password as shown in Figure 3-1. This prompt takes place through a terminal. A terminal is the textbased interface between the human and the machine with commands issued in text on a line. 42 Part I Getting Started Figure 3-1 Logging in at the command line log in prompt If you are using a graphical interface like Gnome WindowMaker or one of the many others you may get a graphical login. For details on using this type of interface see Chapter. Linux UNIX and other UNIX-like operating systems are case-sensitive. If a word file name or command should have one or more capitalized letters then the operating system expects to see the capitalization in the commands that are issued. Mismatched case is one of the most common mistakes when first learning to use this operating system. There are some simple rules to follow that can save you hours of grief in .

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