TAILIEUCHUNG - Wolfgang Sachs Environment and Human Rights

Locating property outside the floodplain is a prime way to reduce flood risk. If this is not practical, siting new buildings in areas of lowest risk is the next choice. Local planning authorities must now consult the Environment Agency on planning applications where the proposed development is at risk from flooding or is likely to increase the risk of flooding elsewhere. The latest figures for 2007-2008 show that the Environment Agency’s advice is, in the main, accepted. In cases where we objected on flood risk grounds, and where local planning authorities have advised us of the final decision, fewer than. | Publisher Wuppertal Institute for Climate Environment Energy Doppersberg 19 42103 Wuppertal Author Wolfgang Sachs Working Group New Models of Wealth This paper is also published as Wuppertal Paper No 137 September 2003 ISSN 0949-5266. Wuppertal Papers are scientific working papers of a preliminary character aimed at promoting scientific discourse. Comments and contributions to the discussion are expressly desired by the authors. As a report from a research process not yet concluded the contents do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Wuppertal Institute. The picture used for the cover design was painted by the late Peter Kowald Wuppertalian bass player and artist. Its printing appears by courtesy of Johanna Lenz Wuppertal. Contents Summary. 2 1 Introduction. 3 2 Whose Nature . 4 3 Resources and Subsistence Rights. 7 Conflicts over the extraction of raw materials. 10 Conflicts over the alteration of ecosystems . 15 Conflicts over genetic engineering. 19 Climate change and livelihood rights . 20 Environmental degradation in cities . 22 Conflicts over resource prices. 24 4 Subsistence Rights and Human Rights . 26 5 Human Rights and Environmental Policy . 32 6 On the Way Towards World Citizenship . 35 Bibliography. .

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