TAILIEUCHUNG - ASP Configuration Handbook - part 10

Trang chủ công ty thường sẽ nằm trong số các mặt hàng đầu tiên lấy. Đối với những gì một công ty phải cho bạn biết, lần đầu tiên ghi nhớ rằng điều này chỉ áp dụng cho các công ty công khai được tổ chức. Những người khác thường không có | 560 Appendix B ASP Configuration Handbook Fast Track Chapter 1 Continued 0 Five nines means that in a year s time a system will be down or offline for no longer than five minutes. 0 Clustering is the combination of multiple servers that will allow for failover and data reclamation from storage in case of a catastrophic occurrence. Problems That Could Arise from a Conversion 0 ISPs that are converting to ASPs face an assortment of hurdles in trying to break into their chosen markets. Perhaps the greatest obstacle is the acquisition training and retention of intellectual property all of which will allow an ASP to offer stellar implementation service and support. Major Issues in the Implementation of an ASP Model 0 The contractual assurances that an ASP must make to its clients is usually some form of negotiated contract that specifies acceptable levels of service availability security and performance collectively called a service level agreement SLA . 0 The software applications must conform to a company s business guidelines by being able to discriminate between customers partners and suppliers and provide the best business value and return on a company s investments ROI in time and resources. What Is Needed to Sell Your Services 0 An ASP must draw together resources that traditionally have operated independently of one another. 0 To successfully deploy a dynamic and interactive application you will need to integrate several components while providing access to other network resources. ASP Configuration Handbook Fast Track Appendix B 561 Chapter 2 The Business Case ISP Market Conditions 0 Internet access reached 50-percent market penetration in less than eight years of growth rate in the United States is projected to be anywhere from 40 to 110 percent for at least the next few years. 0 According to Boardwatch Magazine there are currently more than 7700 ISPs early 2001 that are doing business in the United States alone. 0 The reality of

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