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Làm việc với iMovie '09 Biên tập phim ● iMovie chèn vẫn có một thời gian mặc định của bốn giây. Lưu ý: Theo mặc định, iMovie cho biết thêm tinh tế panning và phóng to, còn được gọi là một hiệu ứng Ken Burns, để các hình ảnh chèn vào. Xem "Điều chỉnh Ken Burns hiệu ứng" để biết chi tiết. | WORKING WITH iMOVIE 09 Editing Movies iMovie inserts the still with a default duration of four seconds. Note By default iMovie adds subtle panning and zooming also known as a Ken Burns effect to the inserted photo. See Adjust the Ken Burns Effect for details. 0 Double-click the still photo. iMovie opens the Inspector. You can type a number of seconds to change the duration of the still photo. You can click here to add a photo effect such as a color change or a vignette. Note For more about effects see Chapter 10. 7 Click Done to close the Inspector and save your changes. How do I add a freeze frame to my movie You can freeze a frame in your clip for a period of time to highlight an important moment in your project. O Drag your cursor over a clip to locate the frame you want to freeze. 2 EH-click the clip. 3 Click Add Freeze Frame from the menu that appears. iMovie adds a still photo to the project using the frame from your clip. You can use the techniques covered above to edit the still photo. 163 Adjust the Ken Burns Effect When you add a still photo to a project iMovie automatically adds a Ken Burns effect which is a slight panning and zooming as the photo appears. This can make a normally motionless slide more interesting. You can adjust the panning and zooming in the effect or turn it off altogether. Adjust the Ken Burns Effect O Add a still photo to a project. Note See Add a Still Photo for details. 2 Click to select the photo. 3 Position the cursor over the selection anddouble-click the crop icon El . iMovie displays the Crop tool with Ken Burns selected. The green box shows the starting position and zoom of the photo. The red box shows the ending position and zoom of the photo. 164 l 4 Click and drag the center of the green box to change the starting position. 5 Click and drag a corner handle of the green box to change the starting zoom. 6 Make the same adjustments to the red box to change the ending position and zoom. 7 You can click kMB to preview the .

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