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Bạn có thể từ chối một clip mà bạn không muốn sử dụng trong dự án của bạn. clip từ chối được loại bỏ khỏi tầm nhìn trong không gian làm việc iMovie nhưng vẫn còn các thư viện. Bạn có thể xem clip từ chối sử dụng một thiết lập hiển thị. Xem "Hiển thị nhiều kiểu khác nhau của video" để biết chi tiết. | Reject a Clip WORKING WITH iMOVIE 09 Importing and Organizing Movies You can reject a clip that you do not want to use in your project. Rejected clips are removed from view in the iMovie workspace but still remain the library. You can view rejected clips using a show setting. See Show Different Types of Clips for details. Reject a Clip O Click a clip. iMovie displays a selection box. 2 Click and drag the box edges to select the range that you want to reject. To choose the whole clip you can o -click it and select Select Entire Clip. 3 Click I - or press U3. iMovie removes the selection from view. In this example the parts of the clip that were not rejected remain. You can click Edit and then Undo to undo the rejection. 133 Show Different Types of Clips You can set your iMovie library to show just the clips you have marked as favorites and want to use in your project. You can also view your rejected clips in case you want to revert a rejection. Show Different Types of Clips O Click here to select a show setting. You can select Favorites Only to display only your good clips. You can select Rejected Only to view the clips you have rejected which are usually hidden. iMovie shows the selected type of clips. To revert a rejection you can select arejected clip and then click HE or press Q. 134 l Delete a Clip WORKING WITH iMOVIE 09 Importing and Organizing Movies You can delete a clip from your library when you are sure you have no need for it. iMovie moves the clip to the Trash on your Mac. If you think you may still have a need for the clip and want to keep it accessible you can reject it. See Reject a Clip for details. Delete a Clip O Click to select the clip you want to delete. Note iMovie selects a four-second portion by default. However these steps delete the entire clip. 2 Click File. 3 Click Move Entire Clip to Trash. You can also select a clip and press lIDflHfl to move it to the Trash. You can click Move Rejected Clips to Trash to move everything marked as .

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