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Nhấp và kéo một hình nhỏ để thêm một hình ảnh đến một trang. ● Bạn có thể nhấp Autoflow cho tất cả các hình ảnh theo thứ tự tự động. $% $ Click có thể nhấp vào văn bản giữ chỗ trên các trang để thêm văn bản vào lịch của bạn. % Click vào mũi tên để xem các trang khác trong lịch, mà bạn có thể thêm các bức ảnh. | WORKING WITH iPHOTO 09 Sharing Photos The calendar name appears in the source list. Thumbnails of the selected photos appear here. Calendar pages appear here. Click and drag a thumbnail to add a photo to a page. You can click Autoflow to add all the photos in order automatically. Click can click placeholder text on the pages to add text to your calendar. Click the arrows to view other pages in the calendar to which you can then add photos. Click to select a calendar page whose layout you want to edit. Click Layout. In the menus that appear click a layout. iPhoto applies the layout to the page. When you are finished customizing the pages click Buy Calendar. iPhoto prompts you for your Apple account information for purchasing the book. ---------- -------------- How do I edit a date in a calendar You can edit a date to add or change the text of a birthday holiday or other event. O Double-click a date in the calendar. The date opens in a separate dialog. 2 Type to add or edit the date text. 3 Click to save the changes and close the dialog. 113 Export Photos You can save photos from iPhoto to separate files so you can open them in another application or on a non-Mac computer. You can control the file format image size and file names used for the export. Export Photos J The Export Photos dialog appears. 4 Select a file type. iPhoto allows you to export to three common formats JPEG TIFF or PNG. You can also export photos as they were originally imported or as their current file type in iPhoto. 5 If you are exporting to JPEG select a quality. 0 If you are exporting to JPEG or TIFF you can click to include descriptive infomation in the files changes to 0 . 1 Select the photos Event Places or Faces group or album you want to export. 2 Click File. 3 Click Export. 114 WORKING WITH iPHOTO 09 Sharing Photos 7 Click a size. You can select a setting other than Full Size to decrease file size. Choosing this also decreases the image quality. 8 Click a file name. If you select .

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