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iPhoto unhides ảnh. Làm thế nào để hiển thị số lượng ảnh trong danh sách nguồn? Bạn có thể làm hiển thị iPhoto tính bên cạnh các mục trong danh sách các nguồn ưu đãi. Điều này giúp bạn theo dõi các trường hợp hình ảnh nhất được tổ chức tại thư viện của bạn, ngay cả khi các bức ảnh được ẩn. | WORKING WITH iPHOTO 09 Organizing Photos Hide 1 hidden photo iPhoto displays the hidden photos. Hidden photos are marked with an icon. UNHIDE A PHOTO 4 Click to select the hidden photo. 5 Click Unhide. Vacation in Southern California No 21 200 Nov - A phetm iPhoto unhides the photo. How do I display photo counts in the source list i i p A Narr Edit Rota flag jnh u You can make iPhoto display counts next to the items in the source list in the preferences. This helps you keep track of where the most photos are organized in your library even if the photos are hidden. O Click iPhoto. 2 Click Preferences. The Preferences dialog opens. 3 Click Show item counts changes to 0 . Item counts are displayed. 4 Click 83 to close the dialog. 73 Delete a Photo . You can delete a photo when you are sure you do not need it. Deleting is done in two steps. First the photo is moved to the iPhoto trash where it can be recovered. Then the trash is emptied which removes the photo from the library. If you originally imported a photo from another location on your computer deleting the photo from iPhoto does not delete the photo from its other location. Delete a Photo MOVE A PHOTO TO THE TRASH O Click to select the photo to delete. 2 Press Delete iPhoto moves the photo to the trash. 3 Click Trash to view photos in the trash. WORKING WITH iPHOTO 09 Organizing Photos To recover a photo select it click Photos and then click Restore to Photo Library. EMPTY THE TRASH 4 Click iPhoto. 5 Click Empty iPhoto Trash. iPhoto prompts you to confirm the deletion. 6 Click OK to delete the photos in the trash. How do I delete an album book calendar card or slideshow You can delete albums and keepsake projects listed in the source list by selecting them and then pressing iPhoto displays a dialog letting you confirm the deletion. Once these items are deleted they cannot be retrieved. How do I delete an event Click Events to V display the event thumbnails and then select an event. Select Photos and then

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