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Thêm và chỉnh sửa nội dung Khi lần đầu tiên tạo ra một trang, hiển thị iWeb nó với nội dung giữ chỗ chung cho các văn bản, hình ảnh và phim trên trang. Để làm cho trang web của riêng bạn, bạn thay thế văn bản giữ chỗ bằng cách gõ văn bản của riêng bạn, thêm hình ảnh từ thư viện iPhoto của bạn, và thêm phim từ thư viện iMovie của bạn. | INTRODUCING iLIFE 09 Getting Started with iLife 09 Adding and Editing Content When you first create a page iWeb displays it with generic placeholder content for the text images and movies on the page. To make the site your own you replace placeholder text by typing your own text add photos from your iPhoto library and add movies from your iMovie library. You can modify the page layout by adding new text boxes and other content or by resizing existing elements. iWeb keeps track of the pages that you create for your site and displays links between them in the navigation on each page. Widgets In addition to displaying text images and movies on your pages iWeb offers interactive modules called widgets that you can add to your site. Widgets let you insert Google maps to provide location information and directions on your site countdown clocks that can keep visitors informed of upcoming events and RSS feeds that automatically show links to news on another Web sites. You add a widget like you do an image or movie in the program by dragging it from the browser pane and then applying a few settings. Blogs and Podcasts Some of the more popular features on the Web today are blogs and podcasts. A blog is an online journal you can write in to keep viewers up to date on your activities or to comment on current events. With the blog template you can write periodic entries within the iWeb interface. iWeb keeps track of the entries displaying them in reverse chronological order on your Web site. You can similarly create a podcast in iWeb which is a Web page that offers downloadable audio or video to Web site viewers. Publishing Site Once you have created your Web site in iWeb you need to publish it to allow the world to view it online. iWeb includes an integrated FTP client that lets you connect to a Web host and upload your site files to a Web server so that the pages are publicly accessible. Alternatively you can publish your site online to your MobileMe account if you have one.

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