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Quản lý hình ảnh iLife '09 cho phép bạn tổ chức, tối ưu hóa, tùy chỉnh, và chia sẻ hình ảnh kỹ thuật số bằng cách sử dụng iPhoto '09. Các ứng dụng iPhoto có thể tải ảnh trực tiếp từ máy ảnh kỹ thuật số của bạn hoặc hình ảnh nhập khẩu đã được trên máy tính của bạn. Bạn có thể tổ chức các bộ sưu tập ảnh của bạn bằng sự kiện, địa điểm, hoặc những người trong các bức ảnh. | Chapter 1 Getting Started with iLife Chapter 2 Exploring iLife 09 on the Introducing the . iLife 09 Applications iLife 09 is a suite of software programs for organizing editing and sharing digital media. The suite is made by Apple for Mac computers and requires the Mac OS X operating system version or later. Managing Photos iLife 09 lets you organize optimize customize and share digital photos using iPhoto 09. The iPhoto application can download photos directly from your digital camera or import images already on your computer. You can organize your photo collection by event place or the people in the photos. The program enables you to create slideshows and keepsakes such as photo books and calendars from your photos. Working with Movies iMovie 09 is the video editor in iLife 09. With it you can construct movie projects from video clips shot with your camcorder or downloaded from the Internet. You can also include still images and music from the other iLife applications. You can choose from dozens of transition effects and color filters to make your productions interesting. You can also share your work on a Web site or through services such as iTunes or YouTube. 4 INTRODUCING iLIFE 09 Getting Started with iLife 09 Composing Music With GarageBand 09 the music editing program in iLife 09 you can construct songs and podcasts from prerecorded loops real instrument recordings and software instruments. GarageBand includes effects for electric guitars that let you imitate the sound made famous by different bands. GarageBand also has a music lesson feature. You can learn to play piano or guitar with free lessons and also download how-tos from famous artists for a fee. GarageBand Maybe Tomorrow Crag Marks G H io Lonely Ran Chris John Designing Web Sites You can create and manage Web sites with iLife s iWeb 09 program. Page templates and themes make it easy to create professional-looking sites with cutting-edge features such as interactive maps blogs and .

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