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Làm thế nào để tôi truy cập một video hướng dẫn? Bạn có thể truy cập các hướng dẫn video trực tuyến mà bước bạn thông qua nhiệm vụ phổ biến trong các ứng dụng iLife. 1 Click Help và sau đó nhấp vào Video Hướng dẫn. Một cửa sổ trình duyệt web sẽ mở ra hiển thị các trang hướng dẫn cho iLife. | WORKING WITH iMOVIE 09 Importing and Organizing Movies 120 121 122 124 126 128 130 132 133 134 135 Understanding the iMovie Workspace. Get Video to Use in iMovie. Import Video from a Tape-based Camcorder. Import Video from a Memory-based Camcorder. Import Video from Your Computer. View a Clip. View a Clip at Full Screen. Mark a Clip as a Favorite. Reject a Clip. Show Different Types of Clips. Delete a Clip. L 8 1 chapterC Editing Movies Create a Add a Clip to a Rearrange Clips in a Trim a Clip in a Insert a Split a Find the Source of Add a Transition Between Edit a Use the Precision Table of Contents Crop a Rotate a Add a Edit a Add Closing Add a Still Adjust the Ken Burns Adding Audio to Movies Add Background Add a Sound Adjust Add a Beat Synchronize Content to Record a Adding Special Effects to Movies Add a Video Effect to a Adjust Color and Lighting in a Adjust the Speed of a Reverse a Stabilize a Apply a Theme to a Add a Picture-In-Picture Add an Animated Travel Add a Green-Screen Organize Clips Using Sharing a Movie Save a Movie to Your Publish a Movie to a MobileMe Publish a Movie to WORKING WITH GARAGEBAND 09 j chapter 12 I Editing and Mixing Music Understanding the GarageBand Workspace Create a New Project. Browse for and Preview Loops. Add a Loop to the Timeline. Repeat a Region. Split or Join Regions. Create an Arrange Region. Edit Using Arrange Regions. Play a Project. Change the Volume. Mute Tracks. Adjust the Pitch. Edit Musical Notes. Add an Effect. .208 .210 .212 .214 .216 .218 .220 .222 .224 .226 .228 .230 .232 .

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