TAILIEUCHUNG - Software Engineering For Students: A Programming Approach Part 32

Software Engineering For Students: A Programming Approach Part 32. This fully revised version of Doug Bell's Software Engineering: A Programming Approach continues to use the successful formula of the previous editions. The author's approach is to present the main principles, techniques and tools used in software engineering, one by one, chapter by chapter. This book is a unique introduction to software engineering for all students of computer science and its related disciplines. It is also ideal for practitioners wishing to remain current with new developments in the area | 288 Chapter 20 Groups Exercises Assess the effectiveness of structured walkthroughs. Evaluate pair programming. Compare and contrast the structured walkthrough technique with pair programming. Argue a case for either walkthroughs or pair programming and suggest how it might be introduced into an organization. Try to introduce ego-less programming into your college university or organization in the following way. When you have written your next program and have a clean-compiled listing ask one of your colleagues to look through it for you. Explain that you would appreciate comments of any kind on the program s clarity correctness etc. Explain that you are trying to identify problems sooner rather than later. Offer to do the same in return. Suggest features for software tools that could assist in using each of the following techniques walkthroughs inspections. Further reading The classic book which introduced the idea of ego-less programming the precursor to walkthroughs and inspections. It deals at length and in a most interesting way with the informal social aspects of working in a team. It is most enjoyable to read. G. Weinberg The Psychology of Computer Programming Van Nostrand Reinhold l971. The original reference describing the technique of inspections . Fagan Design and code inspections to reduce errors in program development IBM Systems Journal 15 3 July 1976 pp. 182-211. Full of practical advice and case studies jointly authored by one of the industry gurus all you ever wanted to know about inspections is explained in Tom Gilb and Dorothy Graham Software Inspection Addison-Wesley 1993. A collection of useful papers on how to do inspections and what the benefits are David A. Wheeler Bill Brykczynski and Reginald N. Meeson Software Inspection An Industry Best Practice IEEE Computer Society Press 1996. There is a website simply for pair programming with links to sites that report on evaluations at http .