TAILIEUCHUNG - Final Report on Participatory Tourism Value Chain Analysis in Da Nang, Central Vietnam

This Report aims to improve the lives of people living in Da Nang, through developing the tourist sector and improving its links to the poor. The Report describes an innovat ive approach to tourist development – a participatory pro-poor value chain analysis - that was supported by local stakeholders and funded by the Vietnam Private Sector Support Programme. Thi s is probably the first truly participatory tourism value chain exerci se ever conducted. Because this exercise was, in many ways, a voyage of discovery, the Report seeks to capture the essential elements of the process – as well as present the findings of the exerci se | Vietnam Private Sector Support Programme Final Report on Participatory Tourism Value Chain Analysis in Da Nang Central Vietnam Jonathan Mitchell and Le C hi Phuc 3rd September 2007 VPSSP VCA Tourism Danang 26November 2007 Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 1 INTRODUCTION 2 Background 2 Why tourism 3 Value chain approach 5 Why Rapid Appraisal 5 Why Pro-Poor 6 Structure of report 8 2. OVERVIEW OF TOURISM 9 Tourism demand 9 Tourism supply 11 Enabling environment 11 Assessment of issues facing the tourism sector in Vietnam 13 3 RAPID PARTICIPATORY VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS 15 The Methodology 15 What is Participatory Appraisal of Competitive Advantage 15 What is Value Chain Analysis 15 Value Chains PACA 16 The Process 18 Assessment of the process 21 . 1 Proceedings 21 PACA host and VPSSP programme office Da Nang 24 Final assessment of pre-assessed proposals 24 Comparison with previous research techniques 25 Lessons learnt for future applications 27 4. DIAGNOSIS OF THE TOURISM SECTORIN DA NANG 29 The tourism value chain map 29 Tourism demand 31 Tourism supply 36 Supporting structure - Strengths and Weaknesses 41 Surprises 43 Quantification ofthe tourism value chain 44 Accommodation 44 Assessment ofresults ofthe tourism value drain analysis 50 5 TOURISM DEVELOPMENT STRAT EGY 51 Introduction 51 Fram ework 52 6. PROPOSALS 53 7. WAY FORWARD 53 1 VPSSP Tables Figures and Boxes Table 1 Tourismbusiness environment in Table 2 Travel Tourism Competitiveness Index Table 3 The Study Table 4 Summary of responses at the presentation workshop plus own Table 5 Da Nang hotel Table 6 Resorts on the Da Nang Peninsular with development Table 7 Drivers of change in Da Nang Figure 1 The 42m Da Nangtourism value Figure 2 Alternative Futures for Tourism in Da Figure 3Location .

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