TAILIEUCHUNG - How the Japanese Learn to Work 2nd edition phần 6

Thể phủ định được tạo bằng cách biến cách động từ. Ví dụ, Pan-o taberu "Tôi sẽ ăn bánh mỳ" hoặc "Tôi ăn bánh mỳ" trở thành Pan-o tabenai "Tôi sẽ không ăn bánh mỳ" hoặc "Tôi không ăn bánh mỳ". | Post-secondary non-university VET 85 cent of all leavers comes in the fourth category schools where 20-40 per cent of leavers went on to college or university. Those in higher ranks are less likely to go because they are bent on getting into colleges or universities though the contraction in university places has been raising senshu entrance rates over time from among the graduates of those schools too. Those at the bottom are less likely to go because they have long since been mentally prepared to go straight to work at the end of high school the system long since made it clear that the university was not for them though again time series show that a restriction in job opportunities leads to an increase in numbers going on to senshu-gakko from these schools too. But the prime candidates for senshu entry are those in the intermediate-rank schools where environmental pressures keep them wavering between trying for a job or getting further training. The researchers uncovered also a geographical locational effect as well as a school effect. Some prefectures have far cheaper senshu places available than others. Higher overall prefectural attendance rates at such schools leads to a greater salience of senshu schools in the public consciousness which increases the propensity to consider that option. And so on. Thus even schools with the same level of university progression have different senshu entry rates depending on the prefecture. The 20-40 per cent schools which have an overall 20 per cent senshu entry rate have a 27 per cent rate in the most senshu-entry-prone prefectures a 17 per cent rate in the least. But quite clearly as other studies show opting for a senshu school is not by any means a single homogeneous category of action. It is frequently suggested that the senshu schools are filled with what are known as the might-as-well tribe. Disappointed in their initial hopes of passing the entrance test for a good firm or the college or university they had hoped for

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