TAILIEUCHUNG - Mercury Hazards to Living Organisms - Chapter 2

Thủy ngân là một nguyên tố kim loại dễ dàng phân biệt với tất cả những người khác bởi tính thanh khoản của nó ngay cả nhiệt độ thấp nhất xảy ra ở vùng khí hậu vừa phải (Anon., 1948a). Thủy ngân là không biết đến người Do Thái cổ và Hy Lạp cổ; và đề cập đến đầu tiên của thủy ngân được Theophrastus, viết khoảng 300 trước Công nguyên, nói rằng thủy ngân được chiết xuất từ HgS bằng cách xử lý với đồng và giấm (Anon., 1948a). Các quặng quan trọng nhất của thủy ngân, HgS (thủy. | Chapter 2 Mercury Uses and Sources Mercury is a metallic element easily distinguished from all others by its liquidity at even the lowest temperatures occurring in moderate climates Anon. 1948a . Mercury was unknown to the ancient Hebrews and early Greeks and the first mention of mercury was by Theophrastus writing around 300 BCE stating that mercury was extracted from cinnabar by treatment with copper and vinegar Anon. 1948a . The most important ore of mercury cinnabar mercuric sulfide has been mined continuously since 415 BCE Clarkson and Marsh 1982 . Historically the five primary mining areas for mercury were the Almeden district in Spain the Idrija district in Slovenia the Monte Amiata district in Italy and various locales in Peru the United States Ferrara 1999 especially California and Texas as well as sites in Russia Hungary Mexico and Austria Anon. 1948a . The Almeden mines over the past 2500 years were the most important having produced about 280 000 metric tons of mercury or about of the estimated total global production of about 800 000 tons Ferrara 1999 . Major producers of mercury now include the former Soviet Union Spain Yugoslavia and Italy USPHS 1994 . In the United States mercury consumption rose from 1305 metric tons in 1959 to 2359 tons in 1969 Montague and Montague 1971 . Mining of mercury in the United States has decreased in recent years owing to decreasing demand and falling prices the last operating mine in the United States that produced mercury as its main product closed in 1990 Jasinski 1995 . In the late 1970s world use of mercury was estimated at 10 000 to 15 000 metric tons annually Boudou and Ribeyre 1983 of which the United States used about Clarkson and Marsh 1982 . Accurate data on recent mercury consumption in the United States was difficult to obtain. In 1987 the United States imported 636 metric tons this fell to 329 tons in 1988 and 131 tons in 1989 USPHS 1994 . Domestic production of mercury produced as a by-product .

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