Oracle XSQL- P28Welcome to the exciting world of eXtended Structured Query Language (XSQL) development! What’s so exciting? Efficiency and ease of use. XSQL isn’t some razzle-dazzle technology to wow your users. It also isn’t the latest X standard du jour that no one can stop talking about until you ask, “But what does it do for me today?” The problem with all of the great stuff out there is that no one technology does it all. | 520 Chapter 19 In both cases you invoke a serializer by including a handler attribute in the xmlstylesheet processing instruction. The following is an example where the XSLT processor is invoked prior to the serializer xml-stylesheet type text xsl href serializer java If you want the serializer to process the raw XSQL datagram you can simply omit the href attribute xml-stylesheet type text xsl serializer java In most cases you will want to run a stylesheet before handing the XML over to a serializer. This is especially true for serializers that utilize other technologies such as SVG or FOP. FOP for instance expects its data to be in agreement with a certain schema. If you are writing your own custom serializer you may find it easier to just process the raw datagram. However this does make your work less reusable. What if you want to use your code outside of XSQL You might have to transform the data to match the canonical datagram schema. Instead you ll probably want to create your own schema for your custom serializer. Creating PDFs with Apache FOP Many Web sites offer PDFs. They are better suited for printing and can be more polished than HTML Web pages. You have complete control over fonts formatting and images. But the PDF file format is binary making it tough to code to directly. This is where the Apache FOP project comes in. You can use it to create PDF documents on the fly. By using XSQL and Apache FOP together you can create dynamic PDF documents based on your database data. This section covers the architecture of Apache FOP and how to use the XSQL FOP serializer. FOP Architecture FOP uses the second part of the XSL family XSL-FO. You re very familiar with XSLT the first part. The aim of XSL-FO is quite different from XSLT. While XSLT is an XML application that gives you the ability to transform an XML document to some kind of output XSL-FO is aimed at giving you great control over how the .