TAILIEUCHUNG - Lesson 23- Radio Communication Equipment-GMDSS

Giáo trình ngôn ngữ Anh-Việt. về các hợp đồng đóng tàu. Tài liệu học tiếng Anh dành cho sinh viên chuyên ngành kỹ thuật tàu thủy. | Lesson 23- Radio Communication Equipment-GMDSS The radio communication equipment is the principal tool in the field of communication between a vessel and such external world as the shore other ships and marine radio communication system now is Global Maritime Distress and Safety System GMDSS a new international one using improved terrestrial and satellite technology and ship-board radio systems. It ensures rapid alerting of shore-based rescue and communications authorities in the event of an emergency. In addition the system alerts vessels in the immediate vicinity and provides improved means of locating survivors. What is GMDSS GMDSS was developed through the International Maritime Organization IMO and represents a significant change in the way maritime safety communications are conducted. While it is mandatory for all ships subject to the International Convention for the Safety Of Life At Sea SOLAS cargo ships 300 gross tons or greater and all passenger vessels on international voyages GMDSS impacted on all radio-equipped vessels regardless of size. All SOLAS ships are required to fully comply with GMDSS as from February 1 1999. GMDSS Concept Why GMDSS GMDSS was developed to SAVE LIVES by modernizing and enhancing the current radio communications system. By utilizing satellite and digital selective calling technology GMDSS provides a more effective distress alerting system. It improves the current system by 1 increasing the probability that an alert will be sent when a vessel is in distress 2 increasing the likelihood that the alert will be received 3 increasing the ability to locate survivors 4 improving rescue communications and coordination and 5 providing mariners with vital maritime safety information. GMDSS Equipment Digital Selective Calling DSC The traditional marine radio VHF MF HF has been enhanced with the addition of a feature known as DSC. This feature enables vessels to automatically maintain the required watch on distress and calling

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