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Evaluation of the environmental effects | Qualität Umwelt Management System PB-Nr Evaluation of the environmental effects Process ownerr Herr Bauer Process purpose and target Evaluation of the environmental effects Interfaces Supplier Process input implementing processes Environmental effects Customer Process output Management Representative substantial and influenceable environmental effects The evaluation of our impact on the environment essentially takes place with the three following methods Operational input-output analysis The operational input output balance serves for the representation into the enterprise are received and the material and energy flows caused outgoing from the enterprise or. The operational input output balance represents the numerical background for the evaluation of the operationally caused impact on the environment. The operational input output balance is to be raised annually. As a balance period thereby in each case 1 is. To use January 1 until 31 December. As spatial memorandum the location Wels is considered to the TIGER Coatings. As industryspecific a units in same orders of magnitude as possible are to be used. ABC analysis This method serves as weak point analysis for the global and systematic evaluation possible of the environmental effects in particular detailed materials and energies. This qualitative relatively gradating evaluation method supplies no absolute results of computation separates gradates the environmental effects of individual materials over a classifying scheme. Issued by Date of release Version Page Herr Bauer Juli 2001 0 1 2 __ PB-Nr UlllWvIl Evaluation of the environmental effects Management System Criterion Area Designation 1 Application Raw Materials Water Energy 2 Loss Waste water Exhaust air Waste Waste heat 3 General Environment law 4 General endangerment incident potential This analysis is to be executed at least every 3 years. The results of the ABC analysis are to be taken up to the QE program. Operational environmental .