Oracle XSQL- P4Welcome to the exciting world of eXtended Structured Query Language (XSQL) development! What’s so exciting? Efficiency and ease of use. XSQL isn’t some razzle-dazzle technology to wow your users. It also isn’t the latest X standard du jour that no one can stop talking about until you ask, “But what does it do for me today?” The problem with all of the great stuff out there is that no one technology does it all. | 40 Chapter 3 head body class page center center xsl apply-templates select ROWSET body html xsl template xsl stylesheet You will learn more about XSLT stylesheets in Chapter 13. For now you should focus on getting the example working. Most important if you didn t create the example in the xdk demo java xsql directory this example won t work. The xsl import element references another stylesheet in the xdk demo java xsql common directory. A lot of the complex work is done in that stylesheet. In this file you can see the basics of how XSLT works. First notice that the XSL stylesheet is almost entirely HTML. The idea is that the stylesheets describe how the XML elements should be rendered in HTML. If you look back at the XML file you will see that it has a ROWSET element that contains ROW elements. Now look at the line xsl apply-templates select ROWSET . When the XSLT processor encounters this element it selects the ROWSET element in the XML file and renders it according to the ROWSET template contained in the file. The in-depth discussion is later. Your work isn t finished until you tie the stylesheet to the file. You can do this by adding the following as the second line in the file xml-stylesheet type text xsl href After saving the file you should be able to access http localhost xsql momnpup and see the following results as shown in Figure . f http localhost xsql momnpup - Microsoft. EBB File Edit View Favorites Tools Help Back 3 à Search Favorites T Media Address http Axdhost xsql v ID LASTNAME FIRSTNAME JOB 1 N Pop John Catalog Editor 2 N Pop Mom Boss Done Local ntranet Figure with stylesheet. Hello XSQL 41 At this point you have at least done a little work in the file. If your environment was unorthodox you may have already spent more time with this file than you would like. Now you are going to .