TAILIEUCHUNG - continuation

Maximization of the efficiency our machinery | Qualität Umwelt Management ö System PB-Nr S06 Continuation Process owner Hr. Bauer Process purpose and target Maximization of the efficiency our machinery Interfaces Supplier Document Process input Prozesse Professionisten Repair order concretizing the lack service Customer Document Process output Process Building services Buchhaltung Kore Repair order repair order rep. or waited components offsetting data monitoring characteristic numbers Quality Repair Schilling prod. quantity costs of the maintenance Environment Flow process documentation competence The maintenance is subject to an status-oriented strategy and represents thus a combination of maintenance - preservation of the specified condition - as preventive maintenance and repair - re-creation of the specified condition The maintenance executed of electricians fitters and other workers. Issued by Date of release Version Page Hr. Bauer September 2001 1 1 5 PB-Nr S06 Job clearing by means of purchase order R. Order I external internal 1 Specialist Specialist Electricien Maintenance 4 Mechanical Confirmtion by Management Execute the work Confirmation of work done Clearance for payment Data input Data analysis Issued by Hr. Bauer Continuation Documents Repair order Repair order Repair order Repair order Repair order Date of release September 2001 Version 1 Responsibility Process responsible Management Specialist Process responsible Management Management Page 2 5 PB-Nr S06 Continuation Internal External Fitters yellow Electricians red Installateur blue - orange On the basis of the order number each job can be refound and be defined unique. This order number assembles itself as follows Drylac 1 Wet lacquer 2 Color Batch 3 Coating Tec 4 Laboratories 5 Synthetic resin 6 Lock-making 7 Building services 8 Year current number Completion of the work Document of identification the or that specialist those the job execute. executed work allocation of the cause document of identification of the necessary work time for each

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