Chương 3 NGUYÊN TẮC đàm phán: CÁCH Trump SỬ DỤNG THEM. Khả năng đàm phán thông minh là chìa khóa để hoàn thành bất kỳ giao dịch bất động sản thành công thực sự, lớn hay nhỏ. Vấn đề là, nghệ thuật đàm phán phức tạp hơn nhiều hơn là chỉ mặc cả về giá bán. | he ability to negotiate intelligently is the key to the completion of any successful real estate transaction large or small. The problem is the art of negotiation is far more complex than just haggling over a selling price. It s mastering preparation knowledge of human nature learning how to uncover and exploit weaknesses learning special skills and many other intricacies. Good real estate negotiation principles are developed with the aim of getting others to agree with your ideas. if you can adopt some of the negotiation principles Donald Trump used when he bought 40 Wall Street in New York City you will give yourself a powerful advantage in your next real estate transaction. This chapter explains five key negotiation principles from that deal. Following the case study presentation is an explanation of each principle along with examples of how Trump used them and how small investors can do likewise. INVESTING CASE STUDY Trump s 40 Wall Street Building In 1994 40 Wall Street was a huge old building in downtown Manhattan that nobody wanted. it had over one million square feet of space in a great location but over the years had been totally mismanaged. To make matters worse the building was almost entirely vacant and in a state of total disrepair. Built in the 1920s it was once the tallest building in the world and had been a renowned New York landmark. When Trump got interested 47 TRUMP STRATEGIES FOR REAL ESTATE in the property and asked me to handle the acquisition for him the land on which the building was built was owned by a wealthy German family who had granted a long-term lease to a bank that had built the building as its headquarters. Unfortunately the building had a very troubled past with many building operators. At one time Ferdinand Marcos the infamous president of the Philippines owned it and during his tenure the building was run into the ground. Eventually it went into foreclosure and was sold to a member of the Resnick family who had loads of real .

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