TAILIEUCHUNG - Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide- P56

Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide- P56:Essbase is a multidimensional database management system. The name Essbase stands for Extended Spread Sheet dataBASE. Using the custom add-in provides the end-user with near seamless compatibility in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program. | Getting the most out of the Microsoft Excel Add-in The Expand to Descendents button will do just that. It will drill-down on the member you have selected and expand your view all the way to the zero level members. The Clear button will clear your selections and the Member Information button when clicked will open a small display window containing information such as UDAs and so on as shown in the following screenshot Finally on the bottom of the left side of the Member Selection screen are the options for setting the View Method. By now you should be able to recognize the different choices. For simplicity s sake we will stick with the By Member Name setting. On the right side of the Member Selection screen is the Rules section. This is where the members you select are moved to so you can verify your selections or apply advanced selection rules to the members. Once again Essbase is full of little tricks that make your life easier. If you remember from the prior screenshot the METRIC dimension is shown in the Members area of the screen. The four children of METRIC are also shown because the view has been expanded to show this. Let s say you want all four children selected and moved to the Rules section of the screen. You could accomplish this in several ways Double-click each individual member to move it to the Rules section Hold down the Ctrl key and click on each individual member to highlight it then click the Add button Double-click the METRIC member to move it to the Rules section then apply advanced selection rules --------------------------------------- 260 ---------------------------------------- Download at Chapter 7 Let s go for the third option from the above choices. Double-click the METRIC member to move it to the Rules section of the Member Selection screen. Then right-click to open a small advanced selection rules menu as shown Notice the choices you are offered. You can pick from All Children All Children and Member and more. The one we .

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