Làm thế nào Trump chọn bất động sản để đầu tư. ĐIỂM CHÍNH: Hãy sẵn sàng để trả tiền bảo hiểm cho một vị trí đắc địa. Không mua mà không có một tầm nhìn sáng tạo thêm giá trị đáng kể. • Bốn điều Trump tìm kiếm ở một vị trí. Sáng tạo giải quyết vấn đề dẫn đến lợi nhuận lớn. Viết kế hoạch kinh doanh sơ bộ trước khi mua. | 2 Key Points Be willing to pay a premium for a prime location. Don t buy without a creative vision for adding v .iliie. Four things Trump looks for in a location. Creative problem solving leads to big profits. Write a preliminary business plan before you buy. Think How Trump Properties to Big Chooses Invest In 21 ou ve heard the cliche about the three most important things in real estate being location location location. Trump thinks this is misleading. Location is important but having a great location doesn t guarantee anything. It s a starting point for what could be a great investment. However an inept real estate investor could own property at a great location and lose a fortune. One of the cornerstones of Trump s philosophy is Improve any Location. In other words use creativity and vision to change the way your location is utilized. Trump never gets involved with something that s just ordinary it has to be very special. If he s building an apartment building it has to be the most luxurious and the biggest and best in the area. Small investors can adapt this principle by doing something radical to their property changing the zoning changing the way the property is used or renovating it so strikingly that people think about the location in a new way. That s what he decided to do when he conceived the idea for Trump World Tower at the United Nations Plaza. DEAL CASE STUDY Trump World Tower at the United Nations When Donald first discovered this property in 1997 it contained a sprawling two-story building situated across the street from the United Nations in New York City. The building was the headquarters of an engineering society whose officers decided to sell the building because the value of land for new construction had skyrocketed and .

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