TAILIEUCHUNG - Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide- P55

Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide- P55:Essbase is a multidimensional database management system. The name Essbase stands for Extended Spread Sheet dataBASE. Using the custom add-in provides the end-user with near seamless compatibility in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program. | Chapter 7 The Retrieval section of this tab allows you to tell Essbase how you want to configure your Microsoft Excel worksheet for retrieves Advanced Interpretation This choice allows you to layout your spreadsheet any way you like as long as you are following the basic Essbase rules for report formatting with regard to row and column member placement. Free Form This option will try to determine the best way to layout your report and it may not be the format you like. Also this option allows you to check the Template Retrieve option which will allow you to enter Essbase report script commands directly onto the spreadsheet for retrieval. The center section is the Update Mode option. Be careful with this option because when checked if you have the proper database permissions Essbase will exclusively lock all of the data cells and or blocks that contain the data represented in your spreadsheet whether you used it for data Retrieves or data Sends. The blocks will remain locked by you until you perform an Essbase Unlock using the spreadsheet you originally locked the cells with. When the cells or blocks are exclusively locked by you other users or processes cannot access the locked data and will fail. 255 Download at Getting the most out of the Microsoft Excel Add-in In the next screenshot you see a spreadsheet with data from an Essbase database. If you perform a data retrieve with the Update Mode box checked all of the data blocks that contain any piece of the data represented by the sheet would remain exclusively locked in the database by your ID. For example the Sales Production and Gross Stock for the . market for model year 2009 for the months of July 2009 through December 2009 would be locked. Until unlocked by you any attempts to read or update these data values either by another user or a calculation script would fail. If you no longer have the spreadsheet that you used to lock the data blocks and cells you will need the database administrator to

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