TAILIEUCHUNG - Hotel Design - Trang trí khách sạn - Phần 36

Tham khảo tài liệu 'hotel design - trang trí khách sạn - phần 36', văn hoá - nghệ thuật, điêu khắc - hội họa phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | A Reflection of Nature Through its partnership with Lenzing Fibers KOJO Worldwide is offering soil goods made from their innovative eco fibers TENCEL and Lenzing Modal . Both are 100 natural and engineered for comfort and operational efficiency. Developing products that return to nature is the objective of the Koni Eco product line. For information on Koni Eco products or custom eco soft goods call KOJO Worldwide at 890 367-5664 or visit . LENZING MHIFIBfRS Visit us at IH M RS. Nov. 8-11 Lenzing Fibers Booth 4011 Koni and KOJO Wordw de Booth 3712 anar a ix KOJO WORLDWIDE ------1 green hotel are combination of tatid. Morse thatch And cement. loon says. Inside local artistry adorns the lodge and each piece of furniture is viewed as a work of art. To further celebrate the African Renaissance we nude a conscious effort to source the very best of modern South African design and materials. Utilitarian furniture Swell at chair and tables were dciigised to echo animal or plant shapes he says. PROJECT SPECS Project Sabi Sabi Earth Lotlga Timeline Ap t 2CTO zno a if umfinvjsuiKttol h 2006 Owner JacqiJ and Hitcn Lorn Ortsqn Team Liorai I non and Orrfrrry Armstrong Architect at Rerxrrt l ofwrrn d Harts SOURCE USt BEGINS OH PAGE 85 The environmental Commitment paid off. both foe the land itself am the reserve which encompasses three other lodges Bush lodge. Selat Camp and Little Bush Camp. Sabi Sabi received the Imvelo Award for best water conservation program and was the first game lodge in South Africa to receive Fair Trade in Tourism certification which partially udgss on green standards. Emily fauna There is a thread. It moves with your every impulse. We are that thread. Call 1-800-671-3211 or visit Seo us at the IH M R Show. Booth 3 07 No matter your nspireticn a can help bring t to life With endless choices of patterns and rotors our entire manufacturing process is designed v ith you in .

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